Mixed Messages

15 Mar

I thought since I alluded to mixed media messages in my intro that I’d address this pet peeve in my first post.   I’m confused as ever about what’s right/what’s wrong according to whomever is the expert of the month.

For example:  What time you should stop eating.  Many so-called “diet experts” say you should absolutely stop eating at 7pm.  If you don’t, you’ll get fat.  Then recently I read an article on a health website that said it doesn’t matter what time I eat.  I just need to watch how much I eat.  Okay, so who do I believe?  I get that I shouldn’t scarf down an entire pizza at any time of day but why should I consume nothing after 7pm?  Does my stomach know or care if it’s 7pm or 6:52 and 32 seconds?

Here’s another example:  There are studies out there that claim consuming alcohol is good for you.  Other studies or “experts” say don’t drink alcohol at all.  Huh?  Of course, the first study says alcohol must be consumed in moderation to achieve any health benefits.  In reality, a doctor’s idea of moderation and mine are not even in the same ballpark.  For women, they say one drink a day is recommended.  Are you kidding?  On a Friday night?  To me, that’s just getting warmed up!

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