Washed Up? NOT!

15 Mar

As I’m flipping through my latest fashion magazine, I am bombarded with all sorts of “miracle” creams, serums, and potions that will erase all my wrinkles, dark circles, cellulite, age spots, pores, etc.  But, I feel like no matter how much I spend on these products, Botox or tucks (haven’t done either…too afraid I’ll end up looking like a stretched cat), I’ll never be able to visually re-live my youth.

Our culture is so obsessed with us looking like a twenty year old that once you are over thirty you’re washed up.  Since I am in my forties, in media years, I have one foot in the grave.  When men get older they become distinguished.  When women get older they become has-beens (or cougars-really?!).  What a sad, disgusting viewpoint.

I think women get more fabulous as we “mature”.  Sure we are a little rougher for the wear, but who wouldn’t be after raising kids and picking up after a husband?  Screw the media and let’s embrace our ages.  That, my friends, is real beauty.

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