To Tip or Not to Tip?

22 Mar

I pondered this today after my co-worker and friend mentioned reading an article about tipping.  People in the story were questioned whether they tip servers or not if they receive poor service.  My co-worker and I agreed we would both tip something but not very much.  We could not walk away and leave nothing but paying for the bill.

Having both been servers, we understood what it felt like to be stiffed by customers.  We also know what hard work it is to serve food and beverages to demanding people (and their rotten kids who make gigantic messes for you to clean up…not that I’m bitter or anything).

What if the reason for the “poor service” is the kitchen screwing up your order so you take it out on the server?  That happens quite frequently.  The customer can’t run back to the kitchen and yell at the line cook so they berate the poor server and tip poorly.

Ditto for there being a long wait between ordering and receiving food.  It’s the kitchen’s fault yet the server gets blamed.  Now, if they’re out back smoking a cigarette and yapping about their hot date last night and forgot about your order, then you have a right to blame them.  Otherwise, voice your concerns to the manager and leave the server alone.

We also commented on tipping servers generously who gave exceptional service.  Heck, even if it was good and not great, they get a fairly generous tip.  It’s not an easy job, folks.  Give the poor people a break.

Oh, and be nice to them…in fact, kill them with kindness even if they aren’t friendly.  Why?  Remember, these people are serving your food and beverages…use your imagination…enough said.



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