Change A Go Go

26 Apr

Spring has sprung and ’tis the season for change.  At least in my life anyways.  Co-workers are coming and going.  My husband and me are planning to sell our home and move to an apartment so he can fulfill his dream of being a full-time musician.  The lake home my parents have had for over 20 years will be sold so they can retire to a smaller place with little or no maintenance.  Lots of change.  People say change is good.  It can be depending on the circumstances.

I was fat and lost weight.  Good change.  I lost my job, my husband dumped me for the coffee shop barista, and my online dating profile was removed due to lack of activity.  Bad change.  The changes that are occurring in my life aren’t necessarily bad.  Actually, they will probably be good, eventually.  It’s just the transition from old to new that takes time.  It doesn’t help that I’m not a young 20-something anymore so any change seems like a lot of work.  Sad, but true.

I have decided to try and embrace the changes that are coming my way versus trying to avoid them as I have done in the past.  The fear of the change, especially when it’s from something that was very comfortable and safe, is really unnerving.  However, some of those times have taught me the most about myself and how adaptable I really am.  Even if it was a bad change, in hindsight, you can usually find a silver lining.  There’s always a learning experience to be had from change.  Life’s one long lesson.  I’m slowly learning to live it one chapter at a time relishing some chapters and forcing myself through others but I hope in the end I will have loved every minute of it.

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