Fate…and Falling Squirrels

23 May

Have you ever wondered about fate?  Why things happen the way they do?  I am always analyzing everything, wondering why I was put in a certain situation.  For example, if you applied to college and had to back out then went to another school where you met your future husband.  What if you hadn’t backed out?  You would have never met your husband.  How about narrowly missing an accident.  If you would have been a couple seconds earlier, your car would have been smashed and you’d be in the back of an ambulance.

This could simply be a case of the “what-if’s” which I massively suffer from.  However, it could be related to fate and how everything happens for a reason, whether good or bad.  For example, as I was walking from the gym to my office a squirrel fell from a tree.  It was a pretty hard fall.  I figure the squirrel either fell asleep or was suicidal.  Either way, if I would have been a few seconds faster, the squirrel would’ve fallen right on my head.  Now, that would be a great video for YouTube, bad for me.

So, there’s fate for you.  You never know what will cross your path and why.  Even if it does turn out to be bad or bizarre, at least it will give you something good to talk (or write) about!

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