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All Good Things Come to an End

27 Jun

At the moment I’m going through transitions both personally and professionally.  It’s very challenging to say the least.  Co-workers I have been friends with for years are leaving me behind for bigger and better opportunities.  New employees are coming in and I worry about the office dynamic and whether they will be a good addition or create a toxic work environment.  I worked in a department previous to this one where none of the employees got along and you could cut the tension with a knife.  It was complete misery to go into work each day and face the prospect of dealing with these people for nine hours.

On the home front, we are selling our home and downsizing to a townhouse or apartment.  We have a large home on a nice, private lot in a great area.  I thought we would live here forever but now that my husband has decided to pursue a music career full-time, we can no longer afford it.  I feel like we’re taking a big step backwards and it sucks.

Why do all good things have to come to an end?  Why cant the good times just go on forever?  Would it get boring after a while?  Do we need change to shake things up and make us appreciate the good in life?

I had it so easy when I was younger.   A normal run-of-the-mill upbringing followed by an uneventful college career and first marriage.  There were no rocky moments.  Everything was average and predictable.  Granted, my life didn’t rock the rafters, but it was easy…simple.  Now, I’m on some crazy amusement park ride that sometimes I’d just like to get off and go home.

I guess we just need to cherish the good times and value our relationships and know that there will be bumps in the road.  Life is unpredictable and at times messy, but I guess I’d rather be on the roller coaster than the Ferris wheel…well, maybe the kiddie roller coaster.

Everything Happens in Threes (Including Falling Squirrels)

21 Jun

Ever since I was a little kid I heard the phrase, “Everything happens in threes.”  This would usually come from my parents or grandparents who were referring to someone who had recently died.  It may have been someone they knew or a celebrity they adored (Lawrence Welk was especially devastating for my grandparents-no more polka or bubble machines).

When a person passed, my parents/grandparents would warn, “You know, these always happen in threes.”  Great.  Now I need to be even more paranoid than I already am…thanks.  It would be especially bad when two happened within a day of each other.  I would be afraid to leave the house in fear I could be the third.

I do believe, however, that this saying doesn’t just apply to death…too morbid.  I believe it can also relate to good things (engagements/marriages, babies, job promotions) and weird things (falling squirrels).  I mentioned my near encounter with a narcoleptic or suicidal squirrel in an earlier blog and how it just fell out of a tree.  I had never seen that before and thought it was so bizarre.

Well, here comes the threes…yesterday I was walking down our neighborhood street when I heard a rustling in the tree next to the curb.  All of a sudden, two squirrels fall from the tree, shake it off, and run away.  I’m assuming they were in some sort of altercation or an MMA match when they lost their balance and fell to earth.

What are the odds of encountering all these falling squirrels?  Is it a sign of the Apocalypse and soon we’ll see random animals falling from the sky?  Or perhaps I am just a magnet for strange occurrences?  The most likely scenario?  I am really over-thinking this three’s thing and need to get a life.

Am I F!@ck#$g Crazy?

14 Jun

This is the question I asked myself the moment I clicked the “Confirm” button to register for a half-marathon.  I am either completely crazy or this will be the best thing ever.  Right now, I’m voting for the first one.

I brought the race up to my friend because there are firemen involved.  Not in a “Help, I need to be rescued” kind of way.  They will be at the finish line, placing a necklace around our necks as reward for finishing the race.  I have always been a sucker for a man in uniform (which explains partially why I was a flight attendant and have signed up for multiple citizen police academies).  It sounded like a great idea…who wouldn’t want to have some hot fireman put a necklace on them?  Plus, if you collapse at the finish line, they will be there to catch and resuscitate you.  What could be better (besides not doing the race at all)?

I mentioned it to this particular friend thinking we could train together (she’s run a marathon before) and enjoy the race day scenery, giggling and blushing like little high school girls.  She said she’d think about it and I never heard back.  After awhile, I decided it was probably too much to handle and maybe I will wait until next year.

Then I get the email…she registered.  Nooooo!!!!  Now I can’t back out since it was my stupid idea in the first place.  Crap!  So, I gingerly signed up and then thought, “Am I f!@ck#$g crazy?  There is no way I can run 13 miles.  I can barely drive 13 miles without getting bored and tired so how on earth am I going to run/walk that distance?”

After recovering from the shock, I have decided to embrace fate and go for it.  I don’t have to run at marathon speed, I just have to finish before the street sweeper and police cars close the course.  The race is forcing me to setup a training plan and focus on a goal, which is something I haven’t been very good at in previous attempts to get fit.

I know crossing the finish line will feel great and be a huge accomplishment.  It will give me the motivation to keep on truckin’ and continue on my fitness journey.  Besides, did I mention there will be firemen at the finish line?

Dating Hell

7 Jun

I have a dear friend who is divorced with two children.  Ever since she found her new-found freedom she’s been actively pursuing male companionship.  As a married woman, I just sit back and watch the train wreck from afar, being eternally grateful I’m not on the dating scene.

Since we’re such a digital society nowadays, people rarely meet dating hopefuls face-to-face.  Gone are the days of thumping melons in the produce department while a hot guy looks at you like you’re a nut case.  We have now turned to the Internet and dating websites, which for better or for worse, is the most commonly used way to “meet” the opposite sex.

I must admit, back in my single days, I did turn to those sites.  It was fun to sit in the privacy of your own home and peruse the sites with a drink in hand, free to gush over or slam the men and their profiles (along with their photos that were always at least five years old and twenty pounds thinner).

As exciting as it was online, it was always disastrous in person.  The guy looked nothing like the photo and never lived up to the fairytale package he created on his page.  There were many times I’d be sitting in a restaurant or coffee shop and watch a guy come in and think, “Please don’t be him.  Keep walking, keep walking…oh no…he’s coming right towards me.  Quick, hide behind the menu!”

So when my friend told me she was  looking on these sites for a man I thought, “Oh no…here we go…creep alert.”  The first guy I met when she and I went out for drinks one night.  She made the mistake of telling him what restaurant we were at.  We’re having a great time and all of a sudden this guy appears out of nowhere with a dozen roses.  I thought someone was peddling them to make a buck but no, it was “Mr. Wonderful”.  I thought, “What a dork.”

After I made my quick exit, I emailed her and said she may want to look elsewhere but she thought he was her knight in shining armor.  That was until he started getting angry every time she wanted to go out without him.  I warned her he was controlling and to run away but she didn’t listen.  It wasn’t until he “magically” showed up at a restaurant we were at minutes after she told him the location she got the hint he was nuts and was a stalker/controlling psycho.

I thought after that fiasco she would turn to the produce department but alas, no.  She continued to check out the dating websites and found another “Mr. Fabulous”.  He said all the right things and was very interested in her.  She wanted me to meet him and give my opinion.  On the way to the coffee shop she asked me, “Do you think it’s weird that he makes a living selling knives on eBay?”

What?!  I thought she was joking but she was serious.  After I picked my jaw up off the floor she tried to make it sound better by adding, “They aren’t just any knives, they’re antique knives.”  Oh, so that makes it better.  Whew!  Is she nuts?  Antique or not, knives kill.  If he was selling sweaters and baseball hats on eBay I could maybe give him a chance but knives?  Hell to the no!

Needless to say, I told her to move on and stay away from the knife seller/crazy man.  Let’s hope the next time she introduces me to a man he’s in the checkout lane with a nice watermelon in hand.