Everything Happens in Threes (Including Falling Squirrels)

21 Jun

Ever since I was a little kid I heard the phrase, “Everything happens in threes.”  This would usually come from my parents or grandparents who were referring to someone who had recently died.  It may have been someone they knew or a celebrity they adored (Lawrence Welk was especially devastating for my grandparents-no more polka or bubble machines).

When a person passed, my parents/grandparents would warn, “You know, these always happen in threes.”  Great.  Now I need to be even more paranoid than I already am…thanks.  It would be especially bad when two happened within a day of each other.  I would be afraid to leave the house in fear I could be the third.

I do believe, however, that this saying doesn’t just apply to death…too morbid.  I believe it can also relate to good things (engagements/marriages, babies, job promotions) and weird things (falling squirrels).  I mentioned my near encounter with a narcoleptic or suicidal squirrel in an earlier blog and how it just fell out of a tree.  I had never seen that before and thought it was so bizarre.

Well, here comes the threes…yesterday I was walking down our neighborhood street when I heard a rustling in the tree next to the curb.  All of a sudden, two squirrels fall from the tree, shake it off, and run away.  I’m assuming they were in some sort of altercation or an MMA match when they lost their balance and fell to earth.

What are the odds of encountering all these falling squirrels?  Is it a sign of the Apocalypse and soon we’ll see random animals falling from the sky?  Or perhaps I am just a magnet for strange occurrences?  The most likely scenario?  I am really over-thinking this three’s thing and need to get a life.

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