Why do I Watch the News?

19 Jul

Do you ever feel like you should never watch the news because all you hear is everything that’s bad in the world?  I keep telling myself I need to watch the news for the weather and to be informed about what’s happening in my community but the truth is, I can’t tear myself away from the doom and gloom.  It’s not like I can’t check my smart phone app to see what the weather is going to be.  Heck, I can just look out the window.  There’s something about the news that’s like a train wreck…you want to look away but no matter how hard you try you have to check it out.

Once in a while there is a feel-good story:  a little boy found his lost puppy, sisters reunited after being apart for 80 years, girl wins first place in local macaroni art contest.  However, the majority of the news is bad:  the economy is the worst since The Great Depression, family is murdered by intruder, food tampering injures travelers.  It never ends.

I want to be informed, yet the more I know, the more anxious I get.  The economy is horrible so I better start cutting back and not buy anything.  I guess the family will have to live off water and dandelion greens pulled from the yard.  Families are getting murdered in their own homes so I can’t open the windows anymore and there’s no way I’m opening my front door when someone rings the bell.  From now on, no more ordering food when away from home.  I must prepare and package my food to make sure no one has messed with it.

See how it can get out of control?  A couple bad headlines and I’m ready to become a hermit.  I am all for being “in the know” but there gets to be a point where too much information almost becomes a hindrance.  If I listened to all the anxious thoughts in my head I would never go anywhere and live my life.  I would be paralyzed by fear and then what’s the point of living?

I now force myself to take a step back when those “what-if” thoughts enter my head and take a deep breath.   That usually does the trick…until I turn on the TV, listen to the radio, check my smart phone, turn on the computer, talk to my co-worker…Ack!!!  It’s happening again!!!!

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