Happy Hour?

5 Sep

I’ve been pondering this concept of “Happy Hour” and have a few questions:  First of all, why does it imply one hour but when you go to bars/restaurants it’s always more than that?  I know back in the day when I’d go out to happy hours with co-workers, I never walked away after an hour.  It was a minimum of three and depending on the co-workers, could go well into the night and move to several different venues.  Also, why do we hang out with our co-workers after work?  If you’re friends, I can understand but if you’re not it doesn’t make sense.  If I can’t stand you during the work day why would I spend time with you and not get paid?  I guess so I can get drunk and tell you what I really think of you.

I’d like to know why it’s called happy hour because at first you may be happy, but by the end of the specials and after several cocktails you’ll be drunk-dialing the guy who dumped you and crying on the shoulder of the creepy co-worker who’s secretly in love with you.  Wearing beer goggles, he may appear to be Brad Pitt, but the next day you’ll come back to your senses when there’s a dozen roses on your desk and an invitation to be his next wife.

Also, why are there never happy hours for any other products besides alcohol or food?  I think once I saw a commercial for a fast-food restaurant offering happy hour prices on beverages but that’s it.  Come on Starbucks…it’s not like you don’t already make a gazillion dollars off of us so why not cut us a break?

I say they should extend happy hour prices to other retail outlets, like Kmart used to do with their blue light specials.  Target, Walmart…I’m talking to you.  People may be confused thinking they’ll get drinks while shopping but at least you’ll get them in the door, right?

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