I Love Fall!

11 Sep

Fall…what a great time of year.  The heat of summer is coming to a close and the cooler, crisper weather is arriving.  I do enjoy summer, but I’m looking forward to walking outside and not gasping for a breath in the sludge we call air.  I’m also tired of being soaked in sweat and all I did was open the car door!

Fall is wonderful because I love the change of season, seeing the leaves turn spectacular colors and brighten the burnt out landscape from the scorching summer.  It’s also the time of year for football, my favorite spectator sport.  Nothing is better than parking my butt on the couch for six hours on Sunday with a trough of chili and a cool refreshing beverage.  I wonder what the beverage is…hmmm…I’m sure I will not at all influenced by all the beer commercials flooding the airwaves?

I do enjoy fall for other reasons as well.  School starts for all the little rugrats…sweet!  Nice to get rid of all the little Benjis running around and creating havoc in the neighborhood.  It’s the start of the fall TV schedule so there are plenty of new shows to check out.  I, of course, will be continuing my sad viewing habits watching all things reality shows on Bravo.  Oh, and I’ll watch “The Voice” since I’m secretly (well, I guess not anymore) in love with Adam Levine.

Unfortunately, winter arrives after fall.  I hate winter with a passion.  I can’t stand having hat hair, snot frozen to my face and freezing my ass off while falling down on ice and snow.  Plus, don’t even get me started about the idiot drivers who think they can drive like Mario Andretti when there’s three feet of snow on the road.

So, before I have to go into  a deep depression (aka winter), I will enjoy the beauty and activities of fall.  Oh, and Adam Levine.

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