I Can Take Care of Myself, Thanks

19 Sep

I just recently read that Mayor Bloomberg, in his infinite wisdom, decided New Yorkers are too stupid to think for themselves and decided to ban large soft drinks being sold in restaurants, movie theaters, etc.  Gosh, thanks Daddy Bloomberg, for telling me what I can/cannot drink when I spend my hard-earned dollars in your city.  What’s next, the portion-control police are going to stop me and make sure I’m not eating too much?

This madness about controlling what we eat and drink has to stop.  People have the right to consume what they want and it’s none of your business.  Now granted, there are some folks who do eat/drink too many calories and have an issue with their weight.  However, banning soft drinks in NYC is not going to magically cure the obesity epidemic.  It’s going to take a lot more than that to get those people to change their lifestyles and make healthier choices.  Punishing the rest of us who don’t have an issue and enjoy an occasional large soda and bucket of popcorn at a movie is insane.

Maybe they’ll start banning those buckets of popcorn at the theaters next.  Instead, you’ll be served “broccoli in a bucket” with a kale and carrot smoothie….ooh…yummy.  Or, perhaps, restaurants in NYC could install treadmills instead of tables.  They’ll make the customers burn the calories before they can consume them.

McDonald’s recently announced they are placing calorie counts next to their menu items.  I don’t have a problem with this because I don’t care.  I know McDonald’s is bad for me.  I’m not an idiot.  If I want healthy, I’ll go hit a salad bar or eat at home.  If I want greasy, bad food once in a while, I go to McDonald’s.  The calorie counts are not going to convince me to order a salad when I want a quarter pounder with cheese…not gonna happen.

So, Mayor Bloomberg, stay out of my soda cup and off my plate and we’ll get along just fine.   Stop wasting your time on stupid regulations and focus on more important things like getting crazed cab drivers off your streets!

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