The Joy of Moving

25 Sep

Well, the time has come.  My husband, daughter, and myself are moving.  Part of me is really excited to be downsizing and moving to a townhouse where someone else can do all the mowing and shoveling.  At the same time, I’m dreading the actual act of physically taking all of our crap from one spot to another.  Now granted, we’re not moving far, only about three miles.  However, after loading the truck, driving over, and unloading everything, it will feel like a cross-country expedition.

There are definitely advantages to moving.  It’s a great time to get rid of anything and everything you’ve squirreled away in your house.  We had two garage sales and I was amazed at the amount of stuff people bought.  I’ve also brought several loads of clothes to Goodwill to donate.  Even though I know I need to get rid of junk, it’s funny how I’ll get sentimental about some trinket or piece of paper that I haven’t looked at in ten years but still have the urge to keep it.  Then I’ll remember an episode of “Hoarders” and I’ll quickly discard it.

It used to be relatively easy to find people to help us move.  We’d promise them food and beer and they’d line up in droves.  Nowadays, since we’re a little more “mature” in years, we not only have to offer that but Ben Gay, aspirin, and a place to crash as well.  My family cut me off and now cheers from the sidelines.  I moved so many times after my divorce they swore they’d never help me again.  It also didn’t help that the guys driving the moving truck were hung over and out on parole.  That’s another story…

I’m excited to get a fresh start and decorate the way I want to.  I didn’t really get that chance with our house, since my husband and step kids were already living there when I moved in.  My husband thought white walls and the occasional religious artifact slapped here and there constituted decorating.  The kids were at least more creative placing heavy metal posters and explicit language materials on the walls.

Now that the step kids are gone and it’s just my four-year old daughter and husband, I’m large and in charge.  The females in the house are taking over and hubby had better step back.  It’s gonna be fabulous and void of any masculinity.  I can’t wait!

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