I’ve Moved…Now Where is my Underwear?

2 Oct

We did it.  We survived moving the family.  It was challenging indeed.  I was amazed at how much came out of our house and into the moving van…it was like the crap had multiplied exponentially.  Three truckloads and a gazillion carloads later, we’re still not fully out of the old house.  I have fully worn out the pavement between the two homes.

The fun began once we arrived at the new house.  A caravan of furniture and boxes filled the place until you couldn’t walk or see around all the obstacles.  I nearly cried when I realized my wonderful husband neglected to label any of his boxes so I had no clue what was where.  His expert packing also was fully utilized, placing dirty socks in a box with tools and toothpaste.

Alas, I pressed on, determined to get all the necessities out and organized…bathroom and kitchen were essential.  Also, finding clean clothes is a bonus when needing to go to work.  My daughter enjoyed jumping in and out of boxes and playing hide and seek in the mess.  Oh, to be a kid again…

It’s hard to be excited about the move but I know when everything is organized and we’re settled in, I’ll really enjoy it.  Until then, look out…Mama Bear needs her underwear!

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