Can Fingers Really Freeze to a Beer Can?

8 Oct

The answer is yes.  This is one of many moments which resulted from what I will call “intelligent thoughts while consuming alcohol”.  This topic came to mind as I was standing in 28 degree weather this past Sunday waiting to start a ten-mile race.  I had bundled up, but was worried if my frostbitten fingers would stay warm enough, even with two pairs of gloves on.

I survived the race but as I sat in the car on the drive home, my fingers started getting cold.  When frostbitten fingers get cold, it’s extremely painful until you can get them warmed up.  I was cursing myself when I thought back to the sheer stupidity that caused the frostbite in the first place.

Several years ago, I was dating a guy who had an outdoor hot tub.  It was great to go outside and sit under the stars, have a few drinks and relax.  Well, one night after several beverages, I thought it would be a brilliant idea to go outside in the hot tub when the temperature and windchill were well below zero.  It was even more intelligent when I sat in said tub holding an aluminum beer can in my hand.

Needless to say, aluminum, wet fingers, and below zero temperatures do not go well together.  I didn’t even notice it at the time but the next day my index finger and part of my thumb weren’t looking too good and hurt.  I went to the doctor and they told me it was a superficial frostbite.  Had I treated it sooner, my finger and thumb might have had no permanent damage.

However, based on previous mention of stupidity, I didn’t notice it until it was too late.  My finger and thumb are fine but when they get cold, they turn white and it hurts like hell.  Once they’re warmed up, they are fine and it’s like nothing happened.

So, yes folks, fingers can freeze to a beer can.  Let that be a lesson to all.  Don’t mix alcohol with freezing temperatures or if you do, stick to a wine glass.

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