Painful Politics

22 Oct

It is election time and ’tis the season to be bombarded with political ads.  The plethora of negative ads is enough to drive anyone to stop watching TV.  I don’t care who’s voting for what candidate.  Each party is guilty of exaggerating the truth and mud-slinging.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the candidates instead could engage in happy ads?  Instead of bashing each other, they could tell happy stories about their childhood, fondly recalling the early years before they became corrupt and tainted.  They wouldn’t even mention the other candidates.  The goal would be not to tear apart their opponent but to share every wonderful aspect of their lives, right down to their dog’s name and how many wreaths they sold while in Boy Scouts.

Instead of debates, I suggest they go on “Jeopardy” and let Alex Trebek moderate.  We wouldn’t need three debates for the presidential race.  Just combine all of them into the “Jeopardy” format and let the candidates have at it.  Let’s see who knows the facts about the economy and foreign policy.  It would be far more entertaining and no room for lies.

It would also be fun to challenge them physically, since being President of the United States is very taxing on their bodies.  The stress alone would be enough to make you a wreck.  So, why not test them and see if they are up to the challenge?  Let them take part in a mini “Survivor”.  Can they build a shelter, gather and kill their own food, all without a dime from the federal government?

I say if we’re going to be tortured by these nasty ads, let’s at least try to make it entertaining and informative at the same time.  I would have much more respect for someone who could win “Survivor” and “Jeopardy” than someone who can funnel millions into negative ads.  Are you listening to me Washington?

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