All Hallows Eve

24 Oct

Halloween is next week.  Personally, I couldn’t care less about it.  I’m going to sound like a Scrooge here, but I hate passing out candy.  The first couple little kids are cute, but after the 50th, I’ve had enough.  Besides, they’re interrupting my shows.  It’s hard to focus on “X-Factor” and Britney Spears if I’m constantly distracted by the doorbell ringing.

In prior years, I had purchased crappy candy I didn’t want to eat because I figured it would eliminate any temptation for me to over indulge.  It did work, but the kids would all be whining to their parents about the lousy loot.  I’m thinking, “Shut up you little brat, it’s free candy.”  However, when you wake up to smashed pumpkins in your driveway, you realize the good chocolate bars are bribes and it’s worth the extra cost and calories.

When I was a kid, my Dad would take my sister and me out for trick-or-treating.  Back then, everyone knew their neighbors, so it was like one big outdoor party.  Dad would walk around with a large cup which would get refilled with his beverage of choice along the route.  I swear we spent more time standing there waiting for him to stop talking than we did actually getting candy.

Nowadays, we know none of our neighbors and I’d never walk around with a drink in my hand for fear of getting arrested.  I would also never let my daughter walk by herself and I scour every piece of candy for razor blades or pins.  Yes, I’m paranoid, but you can’t take a chance.  People are crazy.

My husband is a huge Halloween and horror fan.  Last year, he purchased this really frightening mask, black robe, and a sickle.  He sat in the driveway next to a bonfire with a bucket of candy.  The older kids thought it was awesome.  The little ones, however, were scared to death.  Parents would have to drag them over to the bucket of goodies.  My husband would take his mask off and the kids still wanted nothing to do with him.  I thought it was disturbing.  He thought it was entertainment.  Go figure.

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