The Turkey is Coming (and the Relatives too)!

8 Nov

Well, Halloween is over and Thanksgiving is looming.  I know I should sound happier about it but I’m not.  Why?  Because I am hosting this year which means I have to cook.  The thought of that makes me break out into a cold sweat.

I’m not big into cooking in general.  I make meals but it’s not a labor of love…more like a necessary evil.  It doesn’t help that I have a picky child and even pickier husband to try and please which is nearly impossible.  So, I prepare something I think they might like and am lucky if one of them kindof sortof thinks it’s marginally okay.

This brings me to Thanksgiving dinner and my fear of it not only being horrible but having everyone be hungry and crabby as well.  The turkey is the worst.  It seems like it should be easy but it’s not to me.  I’m worried it won’t be cooked enough and I’ll give everyone salmonella poisoning.  The mashed potatoes, too lumpy.  The cranberry sauce, forget about it.  There’s no way that will be from scratch.  It will come from a can and be on the table with the can rings for decoration.

The only hope I have of everyone enjoying the meal is by supplying plenty of wine before and during the dinner.  I figure if they’re happy what’s the odds they won’t like what I prepare?  In fact, it may taste even better!  At least it will only be my family attending.  I would be in a constant state of panic if I had to cook for the in-laws too.

I proposed Domino’s pizza and beer for Thanksgiving and was shot down.  I thought it goes with football which will be on all day so why not?  Apparently, my family is a bunch of traditionalists and want a turkey dinner.  I say they shouldn’t complain and take what they get.   After all, it is Thanksgiving…shouldn’t they be thankful that I got my lazy butt out of bed in the first place?

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