10 Dec

Well, I had the first date last week.  It went very well.  The next two nights, we texted for several hours.  Things were looking good for a next date.  He seemed very interested.  And then…silence.  No texting, no phone calls for two days.  I figured he was probably busy with his daughter, whom he has 50% custody of.

At the end of the second day of silence, I thought I’d send a friendly text wishing him a happy weekend.  He quickly replied, saying he was going to call me the other night but was too busy.  Hmmm.  I thought I’d give him the weekend with his daughter and I’d probably hear from him the following Monday when she’s at her Mom’s.

Nope.  Nothing.  It’s so bizarre.  We had a great time, texted for hours, and then zilch.  I don’t get it.  For someone that seemed so into me, it makes no sense why all of a sudden there’s no communication.  Did he find someone else?  Did he change his mind about me?  Is he lazy and expects me to chase him?  I started wondering if I texted something crazy or weird that would have turned him off?  Nope.  Nothing.

What the hell?  This dating thing is so frustrating.  You think things are great and then all of a sudden it’s not.  I’ve decided to forget about Mr. Potential and turn my focus onto other things.  Why put myself through this roller coaster ride?  Granted, match.com is entertaining, but it’s certainly not going to be the “end all be all” for finding the man of my dreams.  It will just be a fun place to check out some eye candy and cringe at all the creeps.  Friday nights never looked so good, right?

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