Movin On Up

12 Dec

Well, I decided it wasn’t enough change and drama to get a divorce so I thought I’d add a job change to the mix.  After five years at a University, I have decided to return to my roots and go back in to the Information Technology field in the private sector.  It will be a shock to the system to go from public to private, but it will be a good change.

I was in the IT field for many years after college but burned out and decided to pursue other career opportunities.  I was younger (and single) then and more willing to take chances.  I thought computers were “so boring” and it didn’t matter if I made a lot of money or not.  Being happy was far more important.

Fast forward ten years…a divorce, a small child, and suddenly the boring computer job that pays well isn’t so bad.  It’s funny how drastically priorities can change when circumstances necessitate it.  I no longer have the luxury of just doing “whatever” job.  There are bills to pay, mouths to feed, and bodies to clothe.  Being a single mom, I needed to be financially independent.  I wanted the security of knowing that if my ex-husband was greased by a semi on the way to work, I could take care of my kid.

I’m actually excited to go back to the field I started my career in.  It will be a challenge, which my current job very infrequently was.  Now don’t get me wrong, I liked my job and the people I worked with (for the most part), but it wasn’t challenging or stimulating.  I could do the job and was good at it, but it didn’t push my abilities, which at this point in my life I need.  It’s like I need to prove to myself that I am a strong, capable woman who doesn’t need a man to support her.

So, the snowglobe that represents myself is being turned upside down and shaken again.  It will be a little tumultuous at first, but in the end, the snow will settle and all will be calm and peaceful.

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