I Live in a Freezer

15 Jan

Ahhh…the joy of living in Minnesota in the winter.  One minute, it’s sunny and forty degrees.  The next minute, you’re living in a giant freezer, with snot frozen to your face and limbs falling off from frostbite.  Not pretty, my friends.

I have to admit, I do like one thing about winter…well, a few things.  One, my allergies are non-existent, which is awesome.  Two, there’s not a whole lot of crime going on when burglars fear freezing to your sidewalk while breaking into your house.  Lastly, it gives me a great excuse to bundle up in several layers, plop down on the couch, and enjoy a big bowl of comfort food.

Fear not, before we know it, we’ll be out of the deep freeze and into the tropics of summer.  I’m going to enjoy covering up while I can before warm weather arrives and my flesh is exposed to the masses.

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