Lazy or Delusional?

30 Jan

Ugh, the dreaded internet dating.  I swore I would never do it again, but here I am, in the cyber world of dating hell.  You see the ads and you think, “Wow, maybe I really can find a decent guy online!”, and then you log on.

I swear, every creepy, disgusting, perverted weirdo on match somehow finds their way to your profile.  I sent out a ton of “winks” and emails to “normal” guys, hoping for a response, but in the end hear crickets.

I’m realistic in the fact that I know I’m not Jennifer Aniston but I’m certainly not a troll either.  So, I’ve come to the conclusion that these idiots on match are either lazy or delusional.  Lazy because they don’t want to take the time to pursue the women, expecting they’ll all come running to them because they’re oh so fabulous (insert finger down the throat motion here).  Delusional, because they’re glancing at your profile and expecting a Jennifer Aniston or a JLo when 99% of us don’t (or ever will) look like that.

You’re being assessed by a couple of photos you put on the site and do they even bother to read your profile?  No.  They instantly judge you by the pictures and decide you’re not worth pursuing.  I feel like chopped liver in the internet meat market.

Therefore, I have decided to end the madness and abandon the site for a while.  The frustration and lunacy of it all has driven me to look for other ways to pursue the opposite sex.  I think this weekend I’ll go to Cub and thump a few melons and act like I know anything about football while admiring the big screen TV’s at Best Buy.

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