Sugar Daddy Shopping

26 Mar

Well, I’ve just about given up on  It’s a joke.  If you’re a whore, it’s a great place to meet a guy.  I, however, am looking for relationship with a little more substance than, “Drop ’em”.

Last Friday, my co-workers and I were joking about dating sites when one of them mentioned  He told me it’s a legitimate site that’s been featured on Dr. Phil (like he’s some authority on websites).  Men that are well-off financially use the site to find women to date and hopefully marry.

This was too tempting for me not to investigate.  Curiosity (and a few beers) got the best of me that night and I checked out the site.  There were men from a range of ages (upper 30’s to late 70’s) from all over the country (and even the United Kingdom) who were looking for the woman of their dreams.

I thought, why not create a profile and see what happens?  So, I did just that and waited.  The next day I was surprised (and a little scared) to see a half-dozen responses.  Of course, to read their emails, I’d have to pay for at least one month of membership.

Stupidity ruled over the wallet and I decided to go for it.  So, here I am, a member of  Seriously.

A few of the responses were to place me on their “hotlist”.  Okay, whatever.  Another couple of guys had profiles but no pictures so I immediately deleted them, figuring they’re either cheating husbands or drug dealers.

The two I did read were actually not too bad.  One man was from the Twin Cities, in his late 40’s, single, and well off.  He was looking for someone to have cocktails and dinner with.  So far so good!  If he’s paying, I’m there.  Besides, if he takes me to some swanky place, it will more than pay for the cost of the membership fee.  I responded…haven’t heard back, of course.

The next man was in his late 50’s and lives in Texas.  Two strikes off the bat…old and distance.  However, he seemed very nice, again financially stable, and didn’t look half-bad for an old guy.  I decided to respond and see what he had to say.

He told me how wonderful he is and how he’d show me the world, buy me presents, and treat me like a princess.  Wow, sounds good?  He sent some photos, including one of him in Paris…I’m hooked.

The man said all the right things and sounded nice so I thought, why not, give him a chance.  I responded and sent a couple additional photos of myself.  I’ve heard nothing since.  I’m guessing he probably copy/pasted the letter to ten other women and when my photos didn’t meet his expectations, he moved on.  The dude’s an old fart on and you’re judging me?!

So, the site hasn’t quite panned out like I was hoping it would…but it’s been very interesting thus far. Next time, I’ll send some photos from my spring break trip in college and see if I get a response or give them a heart attack.

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