Shedding the Winter Tonnage

4 Apr

Yep…here I am…it’s April 3 and I’m a cow.  Well, not in the literal sense of course, but I’m feeling the bulge.  It’s not good.  I know I need to get my crap together, start working out and eating healthy but it’s hard when the weather sucks and Hamburger Helper still sounds delicious.

What’s a woman to do?  For starters, toss the casseroles and start eating salad.  Next, pack away all the fatty clothes…anything oversized and flannel.  Finally, blow the dust off the treadmill and weights and put them to use.

Now, will any of this happen anytime soon?  Perhaps.  Will I want to grab for another bag of Doritos and  cheese dip?  Yes.  But, at least this time, I’ll pause before I scoop.  A girl’s gotta start somewhere, right?

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