The Joy of Sex

17 May

We’ve all heard of great sex but how many of us have actually had it?  You may think it’s good but then you find someone else and it’s mind-blowing and then you’re like, “Wow, now this is why people love to have sex!”

Hopefully, you’ve all experienced it.  If not, my condolences.  There’s nothing like it.  Trust me.  I’ve had many times with men that have been pathetic, mediocre, yawn-inducing, and downright comatose.  They’ll ask, “How was it?”, while I’m thinking, “You really don’t want to know how awful it was so I’ll lie and tell you it was fabulous while I’d rather be having a root canal.”

I don’t know what it is about guys, but they all think they’re amazing at it and only about five percent of them truly are.  The rest are in deep denial or watch too much cable.  To them, foreplay is simply stating, “Hey, wanna get it on?”

I’ve now found someone who not only gets it, but is actually good at it and is more worried about me being satisfied than him.  This, my friends, is a rarity.  After years of having not-so-great sex, it’s refreshing to not only have it be fabulous, but to have someone who actually gives a crap about how it was for me.

So, good luck to you all in your search for the next big “O” and just remember if he can’t give it to you, there’s always a six-pack and a battery-operated friend….it can’t get you pregnant, give you an STD, and won’t ask when you can be done so he can catch the last inning of the baseball game.

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