How Many Calories are in a Cotton Ball?

6 Jun

This week, our company launched a weight-loss challenge, similar to the show “Biggest Loser”.  We create a team of four and together compete to lose the most weight in eight weeks.  If our team wins, we each get $100 debit card.  The person who loses the most weight gets $500.  Sounds good to me!

The hard part is you actually have to lose weight.  This is difficult, because since my daughter was born almost six years ago, I haven’t been able to lose the baby weight.  Obviously, it’s been a struggle to shed the pounds and I am now desperate.  The sweet smell of money is making me delirious.  Hence, the cotton ball.

I was watching a show on some cable network and they were interviewing a former model.  She was telling the reporter that some models, fearing they would gain weight, would soak cotton balls in water and eat them to fill their stomachs.

At the time, I thought these women are crazy.  Now, after starving for two days on the all vegetable and fruit diet, I’m thinking this may not be such a bad idea.  I wonder… how many cotton balls can you have in a day?  How many calories per ball?

Then I started to think there may be an issue with this new diet.  Can your body actually digest the cotton?  I’m picturing a giant wad getting lodged in my large intestine and I blow up like a Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade float.

So for the moment, I’ve decided to keep the cotton balls in the closet and stick to real food.  I may not like the taste of celery and carrot sticks, but it sure beats being buried in a coffin the size of Cleveland.

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