Hot Doc Magnet

2 Jul

Well, they’re not quite doctors yet, but for some reason I get all the male residents checking out my privates.  Of course, they’re not your average doc in training…oh no…they’re the “Zesty Italian Hotter Than Hell” doc in training.  Let me explain.

The first time was when I gave birth to my daughter.  After she was born, I needed to be sewn up.  Who comes in to do the needlework?  Not some sweet, innocent female resident with a 4-H or Girl Scout mastery in quilting.

Nope.  I get Dr. McDreamy in training.  That’s exactly who I want down south after just giving birth and the region looks like it’s been through a Mix Master.

The second time was today at my OB/GYN appointment.  I had an issue and needed to get in right away.  The only doctor available was a male.  Not a huge deal.  I prefer a female doctor but I thought for once, I’ll make an exception and give this guy a try.

Not only was he an hour late, but the nurse informed me he’s a teaching doctor so he has a resident shadowing him today and wondered if that would be okay.  Great.  What am I supposed to say?  I groan and say okay but secretly I’m thinking, “Wonderful.  Now I’ll have two strange guys checking out my va jay jay.”

When they walk in, my stomach turns.  The OB/GYN basically looks like a dad/grandpa.  So far so good.  The resident?  He basically looks like Ben Affleck.  Ugh!  What is it with me and these hot residents?  Why can’t I get some totally nerdy guy or plain/average woman?

The exam went fine.  It was kind of weird though when the OB performed the internal exam and then turned to the resident and said, “Your turn.”

Next time, I’m asking for the female doctor and if there’s a resident they better look like Shrek.

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