Anxious Donor

10 Jul

Today our company was sponsoring a blood drive.  We were strongly encouraged to participate since it’s a wonderful opportunity to give back to the community.  Plus, it didn’t hurt that they were encouraging you to get away from your desk AND providing free candy and snacks.  Sign me up!

After I agreed to donate, I started to panic.  I’ve never donated before.  Soon, the crazy thoughts started going through my head.  What if I pass out?  What if I get sick?  What if they screw up and take too much out and I die of low blood pressure?

It also didn’t help that my co-worker (who didn’t donate by the way) took great pleasure in torturing me and further increasing  my anxiety level.  His “jokes” included:  “What if you don’t come back?  I’ll have to give my friends a call letting them know there will be a job opening.”

By the time he was done mocking me, I was a train-wreck.  I thought, “There’s no way I can do this.”  Then I said to myself, “No.  You signed up.  You are going to do it.”

Once I arrived at the blood mobile, my anxiety eased.  The staff was great and it was actually not that bad.  I did get a little light-headed right after, but other than that, it was a good experience and I will give again.

However, next time I will not tell my co-worker or perhaps, I should just drag his sorry ass out there with me!

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