Damaged Dudes

24 Jul

Hi.  From the bottom of my heart, brain, and self-esteem, I personally want to thank every woman who treated her ex-boyfriend/ex-fiance/ex-husband like complete crap.  Thanks to you, nearly every guy I’ve dated post-divorce has been a damaged dude.

Sometimes, it’s very easy to spot the wounded man.  The first date will start great but by the time you’ve had a drink and appetizer, he’s given you every dirty little detail of the breakup.  They usually don’t realize it’s too much information until I excuse myself to go to the bathroom and don’t come back.

Other guys won’t expose their damaged selves until several dates later.  There are small tidbits or comments that may hint at a wounded ego, but don’t surface until you visit the wrong restaurant or the city they last lived in with “Evil Woman” that the ugly truth emerges.

The worst guy is the one who will lead you to believe everything is great and you’re really connecting but out of the blue several months later states, “I don’t ever want to get married again.  I’m okay being alone.”  Okay…really?  Then why the hell are you here with me?

All I can think is what on earth did this woman do to damage you for life?  Besides pulling a Lorena Bobbitt and chopping off your wienie or draining your bank account, what could possibly be so horrible you wouldn’t give a great woman a chance?  Are you being a chicken or using it as a convenient excuse?

Oh, and to “those” women…well, you can just suck it.

One Response to “Damaged Dudes”

  1. Jay July 30, 2013 at 9:23 pm #

    Sounds like you’re finding a lot of wimps—perhaps subconsciously. Said wimps are probably over weight, out of shape, balding and one pump chumps. You can do better. Much.

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