Ducky Pees

31 Jul

Okay, I know the name sounds weird but there’s logic behind the madness.  I didn’t want to throw the business under the bus so I decided to use a similar-sounding name.  My daughter and I visited this establishment last weekend for her friend’s birthday party.  Great for her, bad for me.

You see, even though I love my child to pieces, I’m not a big kid person.  So, to place me in an environment where I’m surrounded by a sea of children and enough sound effects and lights to cause anyone to seize, is truly painful.   Add a little headache from the previous night of socializing and imbibing, and you have the perfect insanity storm.  Shoot me now.

For my daughter and all the other kids, this is heaven on earth.  A plethora of games to play, pizza and pop to consume, and Ducky Pees to entertain.  Meanwhile, I’m wondering who I pissed off to end up in a place where kids rule and parents open their wallets and turn their brains on idle.

In the end, all the kiddies had a blast and as we were walking out the door my daughter declared, “Mommy, I want to have my birthday party at Ducky Pees!”.  Great.  Note to self: Make doctor appointment to get Prozac prescription refilled.

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