Hitting it Big

8 Aug

This morning, while frantically getting myself and daughter ready for the day, I heard on the news someone from Minnesota won part of the Powerball drawing last night.

The first thought in my mind was, “Wow. Could it be me?”  Next thought was, “No, you idiot.  You actually need to buy a ticket to win.”  Since I figure my chance of being abducted by aliens is greater than my chance of winning I don’t bother to buy a ticket.  You might as well just toss your money out the window.

When I came home from work, they were interviewing the man who won.  He seemed on cloud nine (go figure) and like an Everyday Joe, which had me thinking, “Why couldn’t it be me?”  Maybe it’s not so crazy to have a chance at winning.

I can’t imagine waking up one day and not having to worry about bills.  How nice it would be to not worry about going to a job.  The luxury of being able to buy groceries without having to clip every coupon and shop the clearance racks.

Then again, would I be bored with this existence?  What would I do with all my time if I’m not scrimping and scraping and toiling through life?   Actually, I’d tell you what I would do…not a damn thing and love every minute of it!

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