Rent Rape

13 Aug

Today, I received a notice from the management company of my townhouse that it’s time to renew my lease.  Of course, I expected some sort of increase, but was shocked when they wanted an additional $30.00 per month!  That’s $360.00 per year!  Are they nuts?  Yes!  Are they greedy?  Of course!

It’s frustrating the management companies can get away with the increases since there’s such a shortage of rentals on the market.  At this time, I don’t want to buy a home since I don’t want to get saddled in to a mortgage payment and all the associated costs and headaches that can go with owning a home.

I really would like to stay where I’m at since it’s in a great location, close to my employer and my daughter’s school.  However, I don’t want to be “rent poor” and have no money to do anything else but sit home or go to work/school.

I wonder if they have a single parent discount?  I doubt it.  The management company doesn’t care, they just want their money.  Perhaps I’ll have to look elsewhere which is disappointing, but it’s reality in this very unfriendly economy.  Guess I’ll just have to buy a lottery ticket on the way to work tomorrow…

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