Alone Again

17 Aug

It’s been a struggle for me to get ready for the triathlon taking place on Sunday morning.  I had signed up with my friend and unfortunately she had to withdraw due to a medical issue.  I totally understood she had to back out but it bummed me out because I had counted on her to be there with me.

I felt better after talking to representatives from the YWCA.  They said I could complete the race and to not be afraid.  All felt great…I was in a good place…until tonight.

My boyfriend had to suddenly change plans and take his son in for the weekend.  I understand he had to but it was a shock since it was last minute and basically messed up my plans for the race and the weekend.  It wasn’t  his fault but it still sucks.

Luckily, I have amazing friends who are stepping up to be there for me in his absence.  My friend will drop me off and her husband will pick me up.  I’m fortunate to have awesome friends who will be there for me no matter what…you rock!!

Please send me a note of encouragement…I’ll need it!!!

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