21 Aug

I bit the bullet today and decided to put in an offer to purchase a townhouse.  It’s priced right, just down the road from where I’m renting, and really nice.  Now, I’m playing the waiting game to see if they accept my final offer.  There’s a second showing tonight.  The sellers could sit on my offer and wait for the other party to possibly submit one or they can accept mine.

This is why I have “homeowneritis”.  It took a lot for me to just get up the courage to submit an offer.  Now there may be a possibility of them trying to get me into a bidding war with another party.  My stomach has been in knots all day with the negotiating.  My afternoon snack was five Tums.

I’m crossing my fingers the sellers will sign off on the purchase agreement and not play games.  I’d like to think they subscribe to “Minnesota Nice” but it’s house selling, not casserole swapping.

I hope it works out because I know rents will not decrease anytime in the forseeable future.  I would rather buy the townhouse knowing I’m building equity than basically chucking money out the window.  However, if the sellers play “Minnesota Not-so Nice”, I will walk away.

It will stink because I really like the place and want to save money, but I won’t be backed up against a wall either.  Maybe I’ll have a cure for “homeowneritis” by tomorrow morning?

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