Streets of Gluttony

28 Aug

Today was the day.  Despite the heat, my dad, daughter, and I were determined to visit the Minnesota State Fair.  It’s an annual pilgrimage to the endless sea of fried foods on a stick and people watching that can’t be beat.

What’s amazing is how it’s basically the same crap every year but we still have to go and experience it. Otherwise, it feels like you’ve missed seeing an old friend.  Summer isn’t over and fall can’t begin unless I’ve had cheese curds and beer while strolling through the midway.

As much as I love the visit, my body does not.  A day of indulging in fried pickles, olives, fries, and cheese is enough for any digestive system to protest and vow to strike.

It was fun to be able to go on the big rides with my daughter.  She finally hit the mark on the sign where she can go with me on the ferris wheel and roller coaster.  The giant slide, that’s a blast.  No moving parts and blasting music…just my daughter and I on a burlap mat laughing our way down to the bottom.

Despite probably gaining five pounds and definitely emptying my wallet, we will definitely check it out again next year.  As a proud Minnesotan, I can’t imagine a summer without it.

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