Time Flies

2 Sep

Tomorrow is my daughter’s first day of kindergarten.  She is bouncing off the walls today, counting down until the big day.  I, however, am having mixed emotions.

It’s hard to believe that almost six years ago, I brought home my little “peanut”.  At five pounds, six ounces, she was tiny but had the lungs of a cheerleading squad.  I remember the first night in the hospital getting a call from the nurses station.  “Can you please come down and hold your daughter?  She’s waking up all the babies in the nursery.” I’m still amazed at how the moment I picked her up she stopped crying, knowing it was Mama there to comfort her.

From crawling to walking and now non-stop talking, every day is something new.  It’s incredible how much kids learn.  I’m enjoying watching her become a little person, making new friends, slowly becoming more independent.

I’ll be dropping her off at school tomorrow.  As excited as I will be for her, it will be hard for me to contain my tears of joy.  This wonderful little person I’ve been blessed to have in my life is on to bigger and better adventures.  I can’t help but to be proud, thankful every day to have a little piece of heaven with me.

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