Dating Honeymoon is Over

29 Sep

You know how it is when you first start dating.  Everything is great….the conversation, the nights out, the sex…all amazing…and then it happens…the first fight.

It happened this weekend.  Initially, everything was good.  Friday night was wonderful.  We had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants and were able to sit outside on their patio, which is a rare treat in Minnesota at the end of September.

Saturday morning was nice as well.  Despite the rain, we managed to fit in almost 90 minutes of tennis.  We had a good workout and an even better time.  Then the evening came.

I arrived at his house in the late afternoon after a productive, yet relaxing day, all excited to see him.  It started out fine, despite him being on call and working on a Saturday night.  We were joking around when the joking went too far.  You see, we’re both extremely sarcastic people which works well sometimes, but not so well at other times.  This time it caused a fight.

The sarcasm turned to hurt feelings which turned into an argument.  After some time, he apologized and everything was good in his world.  However, on my end, I was still upset.  This lasts another couple of hours until we are both at a place to talk about it.

It’s the shock of the “perfect” image of your boyfriend getting shattered that brings you back to reality.  At first, everything is great and we forget we’re human and have our good days/bad days, good emotions/bad emotions.  They have no flaws, until you’re painfully introduced to the flaws.

However, if you can put up with the not-so-great and appreciate all their good qualities, you’ve found the right person and a real relationship.  At least that’s what Dear Abby used to say.

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