Popularity Contest Never Ends

30 Oct

You would think once you’re into your “prime” years (i.e. established in your career, have a family, fall asleep by 10pm on a Saturday) the popularity contest would be over.  High school was a lifetime ago and in college being popular was about as cool as sitting in your dorm room watching “Dateline NBC” on a Friday night.

However, lately I’ve felt like the popularity contest is alive and well and crept back into my life.  Here are a few examples…perhaps you’ve experienced the same thing?

  • Facebook – I begrudgingly signed up after years of being reminded how lame I was for not being on this site.  Now I know why I dug in my heels for so long.  I look at the number of Facebook friends I have and then…I compare.  Wow.  I suck.  This person has 300 friends and wait….another person has 1,200 friends.  Seriously?!  Suddenly, I’m at a high school dance with my few friends while the large popular crowd parties and acts like we don’t exist.
  • Twitter – Same situation as above but I have laryngitis and I’m screaming at the top of my lungs to be heard.
  • Work – Our company believes in giving peer reviews so our manager asked everyone on our team to list three co-workers they would like to review them.  Not one person picked me.  I’m now back in gym class and the last person to be picked for a team.
  • Parenting – This category is new to me since my daughter just started kindergarten recently.  Now that I’ve experienced a few school gatherings and interactions with other parents , this too is another popularity contest.  The “cool” moms make it pretty clear you’re not part of the “elite” group.  They invite each other’s kids to parties leaving out the other ones whose parents aren’t part of the “secret society”.

I’m honestly shocked, and a little saddened, that this “in-crowd”, “who’s cool” crap still occurs at my age.  I thought I outgrew it but apparently no one else got the memo.  I just hope my daughter has a better experience and outlook on it than I did or still do.

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