Happy Birthday Baby

14 Nov

Today was my daughter’s sixth birthday.  She’s my baby (and my one and only) and getting so big.  It’s crazy how fast they grow up.  I want to bottle this time so I can look back on it fondly when she’s a royal pain as a teenager.

Her school is celebrating their 50th anniversary this week.  Each day they are having a different decade theme from the 60’s to the 90’s with a 50’s party on Friday.  Today, it was the 80’s, my favorite decade.  We had so much fun getting her dressed for the day.  Neon shirt, belt and leg warmers and teased hair.  She looked like she jumped out of a Bangles video.  It was awesome and bittersweet.

I remember those days so fondly…back when MTV actually showed videos and there wasn’t the Internet and cell phones to constantly distract you.  Part of me is sad she won’t have the same experiences I had growing up, but that’s okay.  Hers will be different, but they will still be good.

I met her at school today for lunch.  She saw me out of the corner of her eye and ran to me, giving me a hug and crying tears of joy.  It was the best greeting ever.  The teacher told me she couldn’t stop talking about her Mom coming to school on her birthday.

I honestly don’t know who had the better day, me or her.  Granted, it was her birthday and she was showered with attention and gifts.  However, I received the greatest compliment from the love of my life…that can’t be beat.

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