Tomorrow’s the Big Night!

21 Nov

Tomorrow night I will be presenting at Ignite Minneapolis in front of a sold-out crowd of 700.  To say I’m a train wreck is an understatement.  I am scared to death.

The event organizer reassured me everyone is nervous but I don’t know if I’m buying it.  I checked out the program for the evening and there looked to be a lot of very confident people in the line up.  Is it bad to hope they secretly faint or trip over the microphone cord?  There is free beer so perhaps one or two will get completely wasted and make a complete fool out of themselves?

Seriously, I am looking forward to giving my presentation despite my apprehension.  It’s only five minutes of my life and if it sucks, I will never see these people again and can go into hiding.  Oh wait, they’re streaming this live on the Internet…nevermind.

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