Snow Legs

5 Dec

The first major snowstorm of the season is here.  It sucks, but it’s Minnesota, so I shut up and (begrudgingly) deal with it.  If I could just look at the snow, I would love it.  However, I do have to work and unfortunately, drive.

Every year the first snowstorm is a major slap in the face.  It’s not like I’ve never driven in it before, considering I have been here my entire life.  I swear every winter is so miserable that at the end of the season, my brain permanently erases it, like some horrible trauma.

When the first storm arrives, I panic.  How do I drive in this stuff?  What if I spin out?  Why is everybody driving so damn fast and giving me the evil eye?  What’s wrong with driving 15 mph…on the freeway?

Yes, I’m one of those sad creatures who (pun intended) freezes up when I have to drive in the snow and ice.  I’ve had enough spinout experiences that I’m terrified it will happen again.  So, I drive like a grandma.  I’m lame, but I’m safe.

All I need to do is win the lottery so I can be chauffeured around, sit back, and admire the scenery.  Good luck with that, right?!

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