The Six Year-Old Brain

12 Dec

My daughter just turned six but some days I swear she’s twice that age.  Today, for example, she told me she will live with me until she’s 33 years old.  I said no.  She insisted.  I then explained that when she graduates high school, she will be more than fed up with me and will be sprinting to the door with her bags packed.  She said no.

I told her she can’t live with me because when I retire I will be living in a one-bedroom apartment downtown and spend the winters in Hawaii.  She said, “Oh, that’s the place where they have bikinis, finger paints, and hot chili peppers.”  What?!  Where does she come up with this stuff?

It’s crazy because some days she seems like a little child and others like a young lady.  Being in kindergarten all day has really made a difference in her development.  The kids are little sponges and she’s excited to absorb everything she can.

So for now, I’ll smile and nod when she says she’ll live with me until she’s 33.  Someday when she’s a bratty teenager I will think back and smile, remembering when she still liked me and actually wanted to be in my presence for more than ten minutes.

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