Surviving Polar Vortex

9 Jan

Yes, I am a survivor.  I admit it, I had my doubts.  It was tough.  School was closed for two days.  My daughter was bouncing off the walls while I attempted to work from home.

We were hermits for about 47.5 hours.  The other .5 hours was spent on an expedition to the McDonald’s less than a mile away.  We were dressed like bank robbers, with only our eyes exposed.

I was shocked by how cold the air was.  It stung even through the layers of clothing.  I was waiting for some penguins or a polar bear to walk by.  The short trip to grab fast food almost felt like a death-defying adventure.

It’s amazing we survived.  I was so thankful the high temperature today was above zero.  I feel almost invincible now that we conquered the big, bad Polar Vortex.  Maybe this weekend I’ll skydive or eat habanero peppers…not!!

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