Joy of a New Car

16 Jan

I finally broke down.  I had to do it.  My old car was nine years-old, which isn’t that bad, except I was smelling gas inside the vehicle.  Now to some, that would be an added feature, but to me it was a headache (literally).

The last straw was when the mechanic, who I’ve known and trusted for many years, could not figure out where the gas smell was coming from.  He had a fix that lasted for about a week, but then the smell returned.  After three attempts to fix it, I’d had enough.  The car had to go.

What a shock to go to dealers and see the price of new cars.  Wow.  I kept thinking, “My parents first house was less than the price of this car!”  Now granted, at first, my taste was a little on the high side (Infiniti).  Once I saw how much they wanted for that vehicle, the slap of reality set in.

I decided on a 2014 Toyota Camry.  It’s not the most glamorous car on the block, but it’s nice, reliable, and had the goodies I wanted.  Most people would care about leather/heated seats, navigation, and all-wheel drive.  I was ecstatic about ABS brakes, Bluetooth, and a USB port.

You see, my tunes are everything.  There’s nothing worse than going on a road trip to the boonies and hearing crappy country stations and static.  Now, I can enjoy my music with no commercials or interference.  Of course, I never go on trips, but whatever.

Then there’s this thing called the new car smell.  I don’t know what it is about that aroma, but it’s amazing.  Who needs candles and potpourri when I can sit in my car and inhale?

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