The Suck Bowl

6 Feb

I was so excited for Sunday!  There was the Puppy Bowl, the first Kitten Bowl, and of course, the Super Bowl.  There were also the commercials.  I love watching the ads just as much, if not more, than the football game.

The Puppy and Kitten Bowls were absolutely adorable!  However, after 10 minutes of watching each show, my six year-old and I were bored.  Cute yes, riveting television, no.

The game started and I was pumped, thinking my Broncos were going to kick ass and take names. Instead, they imploded.  The team was playing like they were hung over from a bender in NYC the night before.  This was embarrassing and awful.

What made the evening even more torturous were the commercials.  A couple of them at the beginning of the game were cute, warm and fuzzy.  Fast-forward an hour and that’s ALL you saw for commercials.  I texted screams via Twitter, “Enough of the Mush Bowl already.  Stop it!”

Thank goodness the half-time show rocked.  Bruno Mars killed it.  The Red Hot Chili Peppers were also entertaining to watch.  That little Flea dude bounced around more than…well, a flea!

In the end, I wanted those several hours of my life back.  My team was annihilated and the commercials blew.  Next year, I’ll stick to the puppies and kittens.

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