Is it Better Somewhere Else?

26 Feb

As I’m sitting here freezing my ass off in Minnesota, I’m thinking about the Las Vegas vacation I’m starting tomorrow.  The high temps are going to be in the 70’s, sixty degrees warmer than here.  My daughter is disappointed the outdoor pool will be closed.  Hell, I’m happy sitting next to the drained pool in a lawn chair, soaking up some vitamin D.

Then I start daydreaming, wondering what it would be like to live there.  No more snow to shovel, ice to slip on, frostbite to endure.  But then I remember when I was in Las Vegas in July for a convention.  The highs were in the 110’s and it was windy.  You’d walk out of the hotel where it felt like 50 degrees and run smack into a blast furnace.  It would literally take your breath away.

Perhaps a nice place like California?  I’m sure with my technical background I could find a job, but with the cost of housing so high, we’d have to live in a studio apartment.  Of course, there’s the traffic, earthquakes, and wildfires to deal with.  Sounds heavenly?

Let’s face it, every place has its positives and negatives.  Right now for Minnesota, it’s this brutal winter that’s creating a huge thumbs down in many people’s minds.  However, the other three seasons, excellent schools, and great quality of life make up for the crappy weather.

I’ll probably end up being snowbirds like my parents.  You raise your kids and then you bail on winter.  It’s not a bad plan, until I think about the 12 more winters I’ll have to endure before my daughter graduates from high school.  NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

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