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Fossil Memories

26 Mar

Ah, the good old days.  I’ve been thinking about that lately and how much things have changed since my childhood.  I grew up in the 70’s and 80’s and it’s really shocking how much technology has advanced.  What’s even more surprising (and sad) is because of this technological advancement, we’ve become less social and active.

When we were kids, the moment we came home from school, we were outside.  If it was nice (or not a blizzard or snowstorm) we were in the yard playing kickball, riding our bikes, playing “kick the can” in the street until sundown.  The kids were constantly moving and thin.

At that time, we didn’t have 3 million cable channels to choose from or computers to park our butts in front of.  There were no cell phones to bury our faces in and text non-stop.  The phone was on the wall and it had a cord (and a rotary dial).

We also didn’t have iTunes and music loaded on portable devices.   I had records and a turntable to play music (or a radio).  Last weekend I pulled out my old 33’s and 45’s and my six year-old asked, “Momma, why do you have black plates in the closet?”

When I explained they have music on them she thought I was nuts.  I pulled out the turntable and played a few songs for her.  It was like she was watching aliens land in the yard.  She couldn’t figure out how music could be on these frisbees and why she had to be so careful with them.

Not even five minutes later, she was bored and went back to playing games on the iPad.  Oh well, I tried.  I’ll still save the records for her because hopefully someday she’ll appreciate them.  I can’t wait to show her my Atari game console.  If she thinks Candy Crush is exciting, wait until she sees Pong!

The Winter Weight Wallop

19 Mar

Yep.  It’s been a brutal winter.  How do I know that?  First of all, I am smacked with it every time I walk out my front door.  Secondly, the oh so friendly weather person on the news constantly reminds you of  the”polar vortex” and the “worst winter ever”.  Finally, my darn pants are getting tight!

You got it.  Crappy winter equals hibernation, television, food, “beverages” and elastic waistbands.  It’s not pretty, folks.  I’ve gained 10 pounds since the beginning of the season.  It’s downright depressing.  I literally cried when I stepped on the scale this morning.

I love to walk but when it’s brutally cold, I can’t get outside.  You don’t even want to go to the gym, because that requires leaving the warmth of the house and car.

So, I end up layering up, lounging around, and porking out.  Not good for the mind or the waist line.  I seriously want to drop kick Puxatawny Phil into the next state for predicting another six weeks of winter.  Furry bastard!

I have to admit, Daylight Savings Time is definitely helping my mood.  However, since it’s still cold, it’s not motivating me to get out and move around.  I’m praying to the nature gods to please let it warm up soon.  I need the fresh air to clear my head and slim my thighs!

Emerging From the Frozen Hell

12 Mar

Yes, it is hard to believe.  Finally, we’re seeing signs of spring.  Snow melt, Daylight Savings Time, birds defrosting and chirping.  It’s fantastic.  We’re emerging from the depths of frozen polar vortex hell.

It’s weird (or not since my brain has been in a numb state since December) that I forgot what grass looked like or how amazing it was to breathe without pain.  Those little things you take for granted.

I find myself now getting overly excited for spring.  The other day I rolled down the car window. It didn’t matter that I could see my breath or had the heat cranked, it still felt good to get the fresh air.

It was really crazy when I went outside without a jacket.  Yes, my teeth were chattering, but it was so liberating I didn’t care.

I’m looking forward to the day when the snow melt doesn’t refreeze overnight and you’re dodging ice rinks on the sidewalks and streets.  To move freely without fear of injury will be exciting indeed.

Vegas Vacation

5 Mar

My daughter and I were so excited to visit Las Vegas.  It was a first visit for her (she’s 6) and I hadn’t been there for over ten years.  We were pumped…and then we tried to leave Minneapolis.

The President was scheduled to speak in St. Paul the afternoon of our departure.  We were waiting to board our flight when we were told our plane was in a holding pattern due to Air Force One landing.  Great.  Well, we thought, it won’t be too long of a delay and then we’ll be on our way.  Wrong.

By the time the plane landed, the passengers unloaded, and we boarded, our flight was delayed on the ground for the President’s departure.  Ugh.  Not again….

We finally were cleared to depart for Denver, our connecting city.  Once we arrived, however, we were hit with more bad news.  The flight to Vegas had left and we were stuck in Denver for three hours until the next flight was available.  Not good.

My daughter proceeded to have an epic meltdown.  I’d never seen anything like it.  I was waiting for her head to spin around and vomit to spew out.  Poor kid and poor me.  She did not want to wait for the flight and sit on another plane.  I decided we’d stay in Denver and canceled all the Vegas plans.

Once she calmed down, she said she wanted to visit Las Vegas after all.  As I’m rescheduling the flights and hotel, she’s crying and I’m crying.  It’s stressful beyond belief.  The Southwest gate agents were so nice and accommodating.  They helped straighten everything out.

The next morning, we flew out to Vegas and that’s when the fun began.  My daughter totally loved it.  The Tropicana was nice enough to upgrade our room so we had an awesome view of the strip.

Las Vegas may be an adult playground, but during the day it’s a blast for kids as well.  The sights and sounds provide sensory overload for them.  At night, it’s beyond.  We went for a ride on a gondola at the Venetian and it was the best part of the trip.  The gondolier was so sweet and had an amazing voice.  It was truly memorable and the best part of the visit.

For all the yuck we dealt with at the beginning, Vegas more than made up for it.  We can’t wait to visit again…and I’m looking forward to a separate trip for a little adult fun!