Emerging From the Frozen Hell

12 Mar

Yes, it is hard to believe.  Finally, we’re seeing signs of spring.  Snow melt, Daylight Savings Time, birds defrosting and chirping.  It’s fantastic.  We’re emerging from the depths of frozen polar vortex hell.

It’s weird (or not since my brain has been in a numb state since December) that I forgot what grass looked like or how amazing it was to breathe without pain.  Those little things you take for granted.

I find myself now getting overly excited for spring.  The other day I rolled down the car window. It didn’t matter that I could see my breath or had the heat cranked, it still felt good to get the fresh air.

It was really crazy when I went outside without a jacket.  Yes, my teeth were chattering, but it was so liberating I didn’t care.

I’m looking forward to the day when the snow melt doesn’t refreeze overnight and you’re dodging ice rinks on the sidewalks and streets.  To move freely without fear of injury will be exciting indeed.

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