The Winter Weight Wallop

19 Mar

Yep.  It’s been a brutal winter.  How do I know that?  First of all, I am smacked with it every time I walk out my front door.  Secondly, the oh so friendly weather person on the news constantly reminds you of  the”polar vortex” and the “worst winter ever”.  Finally, my darn pants are getting tight!

You got it.  Crappy winter equals hibernation, television, food, “beverages” and elastic waistbands.  It’s not pretty, folks.  I’ve gained 10 pounds since the beginning of the season.  It’s downright depressing.  I literally cried when I stepped on the scale this morning.

I love to walk but when it’s brutally cold, I can’t get outside.  You don’t even want to go to the gym, because that requires leaving the warmth of the house and car.

So, I end up layering up, lounging around, and porking out.  Not good for the mind or the waist line.  I seriously want to drop kick Puxatawny Phil into the next state for predicting another six weeks of winter.  Furry bastard!

I have to admit, Daylight Savings Time is definitely helping my mood.  However, since it’s still cold, it’s not motivating me to get out and move around.  I’m praying to the nature gods to please let it warm up soon.  I need the fresh air to clear my head and slim my thighs!

One Response to “The Winter Weight Wallop”

  1. Anna Banana March 20, 2014 at 12:29 am #

    Oh my gosh…..I started reading this because I thought it said “dollop” as in an extra dollop of sour cream, butter, dressing, anything fattening……instead of wallop. You can see where my mind is at! You are so right, this winter has been about eating and hibernation! Oh well, that will just make us enjoy spring time, the sounds of the birds, and walking that much more!

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