Mean Society

2 Apr

I was listening to my favorite morning radio show and they were discussing a contest.  On their website, women can post before and after photos of themselves.  Whomever has the most drastic change will win $1,000.

Awesome!  Who couldn’t use an extra grand?  I checked out the photos and most of them were very dramatic.  Some were so shocking it’s hard to believe it’s the same person.

The radio hosts were discussing this as well.  They also mentioned all the nasty comments from listeners, bashing these women’s before photos.  It was truly disturbing how mean these people were.

I don’t understand what sick pleasure someone gets from making someone feel terrible about themselves.  The funny thing was, some of the cruelest comments were from other women! Seriously?!

Instead of supporting one another, these women were putting each other down, picking apart every little flaw in their photos.  Disgusting.

How did we become such a mean society?  Has it always been this way and it’s just more prevalent because of social media?  If this is how young women treat each other, I fear for my daughter in middle school/high school.  You need a really thick skin to be a teenager these days.

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