Divorce Chauffeur

17 Apr

I always knew when I divorced that my ex-husband and I would still have contact because we have a daughter.  However, I didn’t realize that there would be other interactions or situations I’d have to deal with.  Hence, the divorce chauffeur.

The ordeal began on Sunday when his truck battery died.  He was supposed to drop off my daughter but couldn’t because of the said battery.  He asked if I could give him a jump.  Being the nice gal I am, I said yes.

Well, his truck was parked in an underground parking garage, full of cement pillars and cars.  I just purchased my car in January…brand, spanking new.  I’m nervous to drive it on an open freeway, let alone in a dark, narrow parking garage.

After much finagling and swearing, we managed to get the truck jumped.  Finally, I can go home with my daughter and get to my mounds of laundry…then the phone rang.

He was stuck at the grocery store and wanted me to follow him to the mechanic.  Once again, I agreed.  We make the trek and I drop him off at his apartment.  At this point, I figure my obligation is done.  Wrong.

Two days later, he asks if I can take him to the mechanic to pickup his truck.  This is Minnesota and it’s mid-April, so of course it’s snowing…and rush hour.  Ugh!

I once again, drop him off at the mechanic and think I’m done for the night.  Nope.  He calls and says the truck is still not working and asks if I can bring him home.  I spent the next 2 1/2 hours in traffic and crappy weather, carting him and my daughter around town.

Of course, I’m happy to take my daughter wherever and make sure she gets there safely.  However, I didn’t think when the ink was dry on the divorce papers, I’d still be obliged to be at his beck and call.

But I have to admit, even though it was a huge pain in the ass, it’s nice my ex and I can get along well enough to help each other out and be there when needed.

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